Used Containers


Used Containers for storage or shipping 

Used Container for storage

Used storage containers are cargo containers that have been retired from shipping service and can provide cost effective long-term secure storage. These containers built of steel, made to carry 30 Tons of cargo, can be stacked 9 high supporting loads of 270 Tons on top of them. Used shipping containers available on the market are usually around 10 to 15 years old. If they are to be used for storage, containers are about as solid as you can get. No pre-manufactured shed will ever protect your goods as effectively as a solid second hand container which has been checked to Wind and Water Tight (WWT). Purchasing a used storage container will give you the most cost efficient and quick solution to your storage problem, and help you keep your budget in check.

Used Container for shipping

If you need a used container for the shipment of cargo we recommend that the container be certified or checked to Cargo Worthy (CW) or IICL . This container much like the storage container will be submitted to a thorough survey in order to make sure that it is Wind and Water Tight (WWT). Special attention will also be paid to the under-structure in order to make sure it can be lifted with a full load of cargo, thus making it Cargo Worthy. If you are not familiar with the world of containers our website will enable you to quickly become acquainted with the various types of containers, the grading of containers and all sorts of vocabulary you might come across in your research.

Although we are based in the Boston area, CSI Containers and its associates maintain stocks in various locations around the USA. We can help you to source containers close to home or your loading point, including overseas. Whether your requirement is for storage or shipping we can help ! If after your navigation you had any questions left un-answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.