About Container Services International

In a world of standardization, ISO norms, chains and malls there is a word whose widespread use is intended to define the uniqueness of the service it describes: “boutique”.

Shipping Containers

Today we have “boutiques”, “boutique hotels”, “boutique brewers” and even “boutique investment banks”. Each one of these businesses, when they don’t offer tailor made, cater to a specialized clientele.

Few businesses are as global as the container business, and yet so local. Each country, each market has its specificities. Each segment within this industry has its own requirements and rules it goes by.

The “boutique” description or approach is actually well suited to the container industry, as no company, regardless of its reach will be able to offer, on its own, a one stop solution that suits everybody. Let’s face it, a product can be custom made or mass produced, but it can’t be both at the same time.

Based in Boston, CSI is a relative newcomer to this market but when choosing to deal with us you can count on 20 years of experience on 6 continents, in multiple capacities, with 4 different languages spoken in our office (English / French / Portuguese and Italian). More importantly you can count on the endless resources of our local correspondents, around the country, and around the world, who will always be in a position to help us assist you, with that boutique flair, that local flavor, that tailor made approach.

In that spirit, our pledge to you as our customer, or future customer, is to be there for you when you need it, to help you find that solution which will best help you, and if we cannot offer it, to find the people that will do it.

About the founder:

CSI was founded and is managed by Stephan HOWARD who totals 25 years of experience in the container industry. During 12 years with Maritrade (based in Geneva Switzerland), Stephan graduated from junior sales person to partner and developed an extensive network of contacts with a truly worldwide reach and expertise. In 2005 CARU Containers took over Maritrade and Stephan stayed on as a partner. He later became a partner in the CARU Group. In September of 2008 he relocated to the Boston area to open CARU’s North American office, where he successfully developed the business and facilitated the merger of CARU USA’s business with West Gulf Containers which took place just after he left the company in June of 2011.